New Eczema Study

      Has the study medication been used before? What phase is this study? Yes, the study medication (called RPT193) has been used in previous clinical studies for people with eczema (atopic dermatitis). This study is a phase 2 study. How many people will participate in the study? The study will enroll up to …

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My Patient Blog

My intention of this blog is to keep patients up-to-date on my clinical practice, research program, and current literature. This post will focus on advances in psoriasis. A recent study by Mease et al., found that one in eight subjects with psoriasis had a positive result on the screening test PEST for symptoms of psoriatic …

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Acute hair loss & Covid infections

Acute hair loss following Covid infections has been linked in recent literature. Specifically, a type of hair loss called Telegen Effluvium (TE) has been diagnosed in patients with a history of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Acute TE has previously been associated with medical events including a history of surgery or severe illness, postpartum and discontinuation of medications …

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