Which sunscreen is best?

I would suggest in general to pick the higher SPF products as supported by this recent publication. A recent study by Williams et al., compared Sun protection factor (SPF) 100 and 50 sunscreens. The investigators found that the subjects had more sunburns (56%) vs (7%) on the sites treated with the lower SPF sunscreens. (Williams …

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The Weather & Your Skin

Fall weather combined with lower humidity cause skin to become dry and itchy. Use of topical moisturizers on a daily basis can help reduce the itchy symptoms. Moisturizing bodywash can also be helpful in restoring moisture to the skin. Hot showers tend to worsen itch so it is better to turn the temperature down. Now …

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My Patient Blog

My intention of this blog is to keep patients up-to-date on my clinical practice, research program, and current literature. This post will focus on advances in psoriasis. A recent study by Mease et al., found that one in eight subjects with psoriasis had a positive result on the screening test PEST for symptoms of psoriatic …

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