“Winter Itch”

 What causes Winter Itch?

Several factors contribute to the seasonal increase in skin itchiness that occurs in late fall into the winter months. As the outside temperature cools, the outside humidity level decreases. In addition, once the heat is turned on in the house, the indoor humidity also drops. Exposure of the skin to lower humidity causes water loss through the upper layers of the skin.  This water loss and age-related changes in the lipids present in the upper layers of skin contributes to the dry, itchy skin that many adults experience in the fall and winter seasons.

What can I do to treat it?

Adopting a skin care regime to add moisture back to the skin is important for treatment of dry skin. Use of a humidifier in the cooler months can be helpful.  Try to take short showers with warm, but not hot water and use mild, moisturizing soaps or bodywashes.  Pat your skin dry after showering and apply moisturizer on a daily basis.  Try to use moisturizers that have active ingredients known to help with dry skin: ceramides, lactic acid, and urea.

If these suggestions do not help, please schedule an appointment to evaluate your skin.