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“Winter Itch”

 What causes Winter Itch? Several factors contribute to the seasonal increase in skin itchiness that occurs in late fall into the winter months. As the outside temperature cools, the outside humidity level decreases. In addition, once the heat is turned on in the house, the indoor humidity also drops. Exposure of the skin to lower

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With atopic dermatitis, itching isn’t even the worst part.

  From the embarrassing red blotches to the painful sores, atopic dermatitis symptoms require the right treatment. If you’re looking for a different option for your or your child’s condition, the ADvocate Studies may be of interest to you. As you know, atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic, severe form of eczema that is marked

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Poison Ivy-It’s growing now!

I’ve just completed my first telemedicine visit for severe poison ivy dermatitis. Given the warmer winter and early spring our gardens are approximately 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Poison ivy (Rhus) is the most common cause of acute allergic contact dermatitis. It can appear as a red linear rash or blisters. Localized rashes may respond

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